Bunions are bone deformations that form on the foot where it joins the big toe. They develop over time, gradually getting bigger and sticking out from the rest of the foot. Bunions are caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors, with many people predisposed to developing them due to a weakened foot structure. Others get bunions because of chronic stress on the big toe or a chronic condition like arthritis.

Did You Know?

Wearing the right shoes can help prevent bunions and prevent existing ones from worsening? Shoes should never crowd the toes and should support the natural shape of your feet. It is also wise to purchase shoes with a wide toe area, allowing plenty of space between the toes and the end of the shoes.

A Word From Our Doctors


The goal for bunion treatment is to relieve the pressure and pain caused by irritations, and to stop any progressive growth of the enlargement. The physicians at Achilles Foot and Ankle have decades of experience in bunion surgery. Our patients are often surprised at how little pain they have during their recovery after bunion surgery. We also offer non-surgical treatments. If you have painful bunions, come see us for a consultation

How to Surgically Repair a Bunion